i. Our Projects



⏤Socratic Supper

A global dinner series focused on technology, ethics, and meaningful impact.



⏤46ers Wolfpack

The first all-female climbing team to simultaneously summit the 46 high peaks in New York.

The technology community is routinely criticized for its lack of female leadership, particularly in c-suites. 96% of women in c-suites were former athletes. To ensure we have more women in the most powerful company echelons, we need to equip ascending females with tools to succeed. One of these tools is physiological training. Intentional discomfort is how we learn our strength. Strong body, strong mind.



⏤Healing/fixing the powerful

What Werner and I did for a year. “Program” where executives protege a younger person/show them the ropes. Fund the process of it. Etc. Create an unlinked page where people can contact/sign-up. Inviting other executives to participate. Explaining ways to do it.