i. Our Projects



⏤Socratic Supper

A global dinner series focused on technology, ethics, and meaningful impact.



⏤46ers Wolfpack

The first all-female climbing team to simultaneously summit the 46 high peaks in New York.

The technology community is routinely criticized for its lack of female leadership, particularly in c-suites. 96% of women in c-suites were former athletes. Part of ensuring we have more women in the most powerful company echelons is equipping ascending ladies with tools to succeed, such as physiological training. (Strong body, strong mind.)



⏤Secret Project

Due to the people involved in this project, we can’t talk about it publicly or properly-yet. What we can tell you, is that it involves marshalling leaders from some of the largest and emerging tech companies. This merger intends to redefine the current ecosystem in the tech world.

Too vague. We know. We’ll tell you more when we can. If you want an immediate notification, our newsletter is the best source.